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We develop clean and competitive processes

(*) Supercritical CO2 = Sc CO2


  • Contract Research Services (CRS)
  • Feasibility studies, optimization and scale-up
  • Patent licensing and co-development
  • Production (extraction, particle generation, encapsulation of compounds, sterilization)

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No solvent, no residue, Zero waste, Nontoxic processes

No unwanted by-products

Perfect control of product properties

Biocidal properties of CO2 (sterilization)


Reduced process time and operation cost 

Compact, modular and integrated process

 Sc CO2 Advantages

Low T° (32°C): heat-sensitive products

Penetrating power (CO2 has the density of a liquid, the viscosity of a gas)

Highly selective product extraction

Minimizes risk of thermal/chemical degradation

Our mission

We deliver cutting-edge solutions by developing clean and competitive processes that effectively tackle critical healthcare and environmental challenges. 

We strive to create a healthier and sustainable world through scientific excellence and strategic partnerships.

Our values

We are dedicated to promoting sustainability and minimizing environmental impact by improving industrial processes.  

We strongly believe in collaborations and partnerships to leverage collective knowledge and expertise for greater impact.

Our team

We are a young and dynamic company, comprised of the world's top experts in Sc CO2 technology. 

We currently have open positions available, and we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation.

Cutting edge solution for clean and competitive processes

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