Green Tech - Cleantech

Limiting carbon footprint and industrial impacts


The industry is seeking to replace its polluting processes with:


Supercritical CO2 (ScCO2) technology serves as an alternative.

With our expertise, we are well-positioned to develop impactful technologies, encompasses various market sectors aimed at addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainability. 

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Renewable energy

BIOFUEL 3d generation

We develop process for the Extraction of biofuel from different feedstock. Biofuel production from algae is very promising bu there is current obstacles: l

  • lack of continuity,
  • drying process being lengthy and expensive).

We have developed a patented process that overcomes current limitations, enabling cost-effective and continuous production of biofuel from microalgae.

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Cosmetic, nutraceuticals

  • Extracting and encapsulating compounds
  • Controlled-release systems.
  • Cleaning, impregnating, and sterilizing.

There is a growing need for clean processes that are both competitive and offer added value. However, there is a lack of expertise in utilizing supercritical CO2 (ScCO2) to develop new products, encapsulate them, and sterilize them.

Therefore, it is crucial to develop expertise in utilizing ScCO2 to address these specific needs and to develop innovative and environmentally-friendly processes for these industries.

We have successfully developed a patented continuous process for extracting ingredients from microalgae, eliminating the need for the expensive and time-consuming drying step.

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Food, oils

  • Extraction and stabilization of compounds
  • Sterilization of ingredients
  • Advancing Fat and Oil Formulation through Encapsulation
  • Enhancing Shelf-Life

Using CO₂, we develop clean efficient process to extract, refine, and formulate fats and oils without the need for purification or heat. 

Our environmentally-friendly CO₂-based processes operate at low temperatures, preserving the extract's quality and preventing unwanted reactions. 

With our CO₂ micro-encapsulation technology, we protect valuable ingredients while maintaining their properties and extending shelf-life. 

This enables increased concentration for oils, flavors, and nutraceuticals.

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Algae Valorization

  • Extracting compounds from micro algae
  • Algae Valorization: Unlocking the Potential

Harnessing the power of microalgae, we have achieved a significant breakthrough in extracting valuable compounds through our patented continuous process. 

By eliminating the costly and time-consuming drying step, we have revolutionized the extraction of ingredients from microalgae.

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Recycling or recovery materials

We develop and implement materials treatment processes for for their regeneration (extraction of a pollutant, regeneration of a catalyst ) for recycling or recovery.

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Limiting carbon footprint and industrial impacts