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Need for Clean and sustainable processes

  • Current processes require organic solvents
  • Require removal residual solvents for pure extract
  • High Temperature can be required (above 50°C)

Algae valorization: lack of cost-effective extraction methods

  • Algae is a promising, sustainable and abundant resource
  • Need a costly energy intensive, time-consuming drying step
  • No available continuous process

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Sc CO2 solution

Clean, competitive extraction process

  • No solvents, no waste, no residues
  • Low temperature operation (< 35 °C)
  • Preserves the product's integrity
  • Very selective to extract any compounds 
  • No drying step: cost-effectiveness.
  • Reduced process time (5 to 10 times)

Algae valorization: no drying step

We set up a process to extract compounds from algae:

  • No drying step
  • Continuous process
  • Scalable and competitive technology
  • Selective and competitive extracts
  • Significantly reduced process time (5 to 10 times faster).
  • 3d generation Biofuel production become competitive

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Market applications

Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Food, Renewable energy

  • Optimize extraction methods
  • Very selective extraction of natural fragrances, active compounds, flavors, oils
  • Enable production of safe food and cosmetic products
  • Enhance ingredients stability and biodisponibility
  • Chemicals: optimized extraction methods
  • Algae valorization
  • Energy: competitive 3nd generation biofuel production from microalgae 

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Competitive advantages

CO2 above a certain temperature and pressure (*)

offers the advantages of both a gas and a liquid:


  • Zero waste, no residue, no solvent. Nontoxic


  • Low T° (32°C): heat-sensitive products
  • (currently solvent often T° > 60°C)
  • Penetrating power (density of a liquid, diffusivity of a gas)
  • Highly selective product extraction
  • Minimizes risk of thermal/chemical degradation
  • Avoids formation of unwanted by-products
  • Better control of product properties (encapsulation)
  • Biocidal properties of CO2 (sterilization)


  • Reduced process time 30 min to 1 hour (5 to 10 times)
  • Reduced operation cost (from to 2 to 4 times)
  • Compact, modular and integrated process

(*) Tc=31°C, PC=73,8 bar

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How does it work ?

Extraction: CO2 extraction relies on the solubility of targeted compounds, like natural pigments, which is influenced by factors such as solvent density and temperature. Solubility curves follow an exponential pattern with density at a given temperature, affecting the extract's purity. The extraction time is determined not only by compound concentration but also by their attachment to the raw material. For example, extracting oils from algae like nannochloropsis proves challenging due to the impermeable membrane rather than oil solubility.

Fractionation: Supercritical fractionation is a process that separates compounds from liquids using a packed column and counter current flow. It is suitable for temperature-sensitive compounds and offers enhanced purity compared to short path distillation. Engineers optimize parameters like carbon dioxide flow, equipment volume, and pressure for cost efficiency. This method finds applications in polymers, fatty acid separation, squalene separation, purification of compounds from botanical extracts, and trace removal.

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    • Contract Research Service: Feasibility, optimization, scale-up
    • Patent licensing and co-development
    • Production 

    To further expand our impact, we are actively seeking partnerships for collaborative development initiatives. 

    Join us in exploring co-developing innovative solutions that drive progress in the industry.

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    Patent Licencing


    • Extraction of compounds from microalgae (continuous process, no drying step)
    • Sterilization with pouches or blisters
    • Encapsulation using nanoliposomes or LNPs (process and equipment patent)

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    Providing a Global Alternative Solution

    After conducting successful feasibility and scale-up studies, we offers the following services:

    1. Scalable Modular Unit Design: we assist in dimensioning scalable modular units tailored to your specific needs.
    2. Implementation of  Units: We support the implementation of units based on the outcomes of our studies.
    3. Financial Intervention and Co-Financing: we can provide financial support or co-finance projects, offering different legal structures such as dedicated subsidiaries.
    4. Pilot Testing and Production: Leveraging ScCO2 technology, we specialize in extraction, particle generation, encapsulation of compounds and sterilization processes.

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    Algae Valorization

    • Extracting compounds from micro algae
    • Algae Valorization: Unlocking the Potential

    Harnessing the power of microalgae, we have achieved a significant breakthrough in extracting valuable compounds through our patented continuous process. 

    By eliminating the costly and time-consuming drying step, we have revolutionized the extraction of ingredients from microalgae.

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    Reduce OPEX & CAPEX

    Optimizing Engineering Techniques for Cost-effective Results

    Our engineering techniques prioritize minimizing pressure, process volume, flow, and time in CO2 extraction to reduce operational (OPEX) and capital expenditures (CAPEX). However, it is crucial to balance these parameters with product yield and quality. The combination of product quality, yield, and costs determines the economic viability of our extraction process.

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    Limiting carbon footprint and industrial impacts