Limiting carbon footprint and industrial impacts


  • Contract Research Service: Feasibility, optimization, scale-up
  • Patent licensing and co-development
  • Production (extraction, particle generation, encapsulation of compounds, sterilization)

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Contract Research Services

Affordable scCO2 Exposure Testing for Risk Assessment

Feasibility : Our contract research services begin with cost-effective feasibility studies and small-scale material exposure testing.  This testing serves as a crucial step in determining the risk and associated costs of larger projects. By conducting comprehensive exposure testing, we enable our clients to make informed decisions and accurately assess the feasibility of their ventures.

Optimization: Identifying Crucial scCO2 Operating Parameters for Scale-up

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Our R&D team can :

  • Perform studies at different scales
  • Identify the main scale-up issues for a given process Use chemical engineering tools for mitigating these latter
  • Benchmarking on successful industrial processes

Our processes are developed so as to optimize resources, to tend to zero-waste, to limit or even avoid the use of organic-solvent, in compliance with current standards, adopting an industrial ecological approach.


Lab-scale, Bench scale and pilot scale studies are essential for implementing and optimizing new technologies at industrial scale.

Vessel volumes for Bench and Lab-scale studies are typically less than 1 liter.

Pilot scale vessel volumes are understood between 1 and 100 liters depending on the targeted application.

A frequent challenge for projects at the bench or lab scale is the reliable feeding at high pressure. The solution involves prototype testing using a representative sample.

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    BiotechOne: Unlocking Industrial Potential through Innovative Extraction, Sterilization, and Encapsulation Processes

    BiotechOne has successfully developed a range of groundbreaking processes for extraction, sterilization, and encapsulation that hold great promise for industrial applications.

     These processes offer exciting opportunities to optimize extraction methods, enhance API stability, and improve biodisponibility. To further expand our impact, we are actively seeking partnerships for collaborative development initiatives. Join us in exploring new avenues and co-developing innovative solutions that drive progress in the industry.

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    Patent Licencing


    • Extraction of compounds from microalgae (continuous process which avoids the drying step)
    • Sterilization with pouches or blisters
    • Encapsulation using nanoliposomes or LNPs (process and equipment patent)

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    Providing a Global Alternative Solution

    After conducting successful feasibility and scale-up studies, we offers the following services:

    1. Scalable Modular Unit Design: we assist in dimensioning scalable modular units tailored to your specific needs.
    2. Implementation of  Units: We support the implementation of units based on the outcomes of our studies.
    3. Financial Intervention and Co-Financing: we can provide financial support or co-finance projects, offering different legal structures such as dedicated subsidiaries.
    4. Pilot Testing and Production: Leveraging ScCO2 technology, we specialize in extraction, particle generation, encapsulation of compounds and sterilization processes.

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    Algae Valorization

    • Extracting compounds from micro algae
    • Algae Valorization: Unlocking the Potential

    Harnessing the power of microalgae, we have achieved a significant breakthrough in extracting valuable compounds through our patented continuous process. 

    By eliminating the costly and time-consuming drying step, we have revolutionized the extraction of ingredients from microalgae.

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    Collaborative Solutions

    Addressing Industrial Challenges in Food, Nutraceuticals, and Cosmetics

    Here are some challenges faced that we address, which can lead to collaborations.

    Industrial challenge 

    >> Possible collaboration 

    Development of new products using CO2 Sc extraction, encapsulation, and sterilization processes

    >> Contract studies, co-development agreements, or collaborative research projects

    Ingredient producer seeking cleaner alternatives to solvent-based and polluting processes

    >> We can conduct studies (proof of concept/optimization/scale-up) to demonstrate cleaner alternatives

    Ingredient producer unable to extract specific compounds using current methods

    >> Extraction of new ingredients tailored to their needs

    Extraction of compounds from plants

    >> Highly selective extraction of compounds from plants: studies, product co-development, small-scale production

    Extraction of compounds from algae, where current processes require expensive drying steps

    >> Valorization of algae through continuous extraction of compounds without the need for drying

    Industrial companies aiming to improve formulation (encapsulation) of food, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical products

    >> Feasibility studies for more precise extraction and encapsulation compared to current methods

    >> Co-development to enhance stability and bioavailability of products

    Industrial companies seeking alternative sterilization methods to current processes (e.g., EtOx)

    >> Feasibility studies for sterilization, scale-up, and implementation of a sterilization unit

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    Limiting carbon footprint and industrial impacts