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Supercritical CO2 (Sc CO2) expert offering clean and competitive solutions for industrials products and processes

Leading CO2 Technology for a Sustainable Future

BiotechOne is dedicated to creating a clean and sustainable planet.

We firmly believe that virtually all products and production processes can benefit from our innovative CO2 technology. 

We have developed expertise and intellectual property to effectively apply supercritical technology in various markets, ensuring compliance with regulations in areas such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical equipment, and more.

Our capabilities extend to energy and renewables, waste treatment and valorization, bio-oils, as well as natural extracts, product encapsulation, and sterilization.

We collaborate with clients, applying our CO2 technology to enhance their products. 

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World-class experts

Our scientific board consists of world-class experts dedicated to developing innovative clean products and processes, at your service.

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Master of Science  in engineering "Energetic Mechanics." Over 35 years of experience as senior executive. Identifies emerging technologies, oversees solution development, 

Romain GIGLI, COO 

Holds a Master's degree in Management (ESCP). Romain's expertise spans decarbonization initiatives,  R&D projects, and securing public funding. His diverse experience, such as Stellantis, make him a valuable asset in driving business growth and ensuring operational excellence. 

Philippe Sibour, Board Member

Specializing in cosmetics, luxury industry, nutrition, food supplements, and nutraceuticals, he founded Alliance Consulting Group in 1997. With a background in Sales/Marketing and management in FMCG industries, he is passionate about delivering value and excellence to customers. Philippe is recognized as one of Europe's leading experts in talent acquisition within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. 

man holding incandescent bulb

Vincent CADOT, CSO

Visionary entrepreneur renowned for his strategic acumen and business development expertise. He excel at identifying emerging opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and driving sustainable growth. With a strong ability to navigate complex landscapes and transform ideas into successful enterprises.