Sc CO2 Decellularization

​Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

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The market for decellularization in regenerative medicine continues to grow, offering promising solutions for repairing and regenerating various tissues and organs.

Inadequate Decellularization Methods for Tissue Engineering

  • Traditional decellularization methods often result in the loss of crucial extracellular matrix components.
  • Current techniques may not effectively remove cellular debris and antigens, limiting the potential of decellularized tissues.

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Sc CO2 solution

We develop an innovative decellularization process using Sc CO2

  • No waste, no residue, no solvent, non toxic
  • Preserves mechanical and biological properties
  • Effectively decellularizes xenograft and allograft materials.
  • Maintains native structure for enhanced healing and recellularization.
  • Achieves complete cellular material removal while preserving vital extracellular matrix components
  • Provides highly clean and mechanically superior biomaterials
  • Reduced process duration 
  • Meet the requirements of tissue engineering applications

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Market applications

​Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

  • Organ and tissue regeneration
  • Wound healing and skin grafts

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    • Contract Research Service: Feasibility, optimization, scale-up
    • Patent licensing and co-development
    • Production 

    To further expand our impact, we are actively seeking partnerships for collaborative development initiatives. 

    Join us in exploring co-developing innovative solutions that drive progress in the industry.

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    Patent Licencing

    • Decellularization (pending patent)

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    Providing a Global Alternative Solution

    After conducting successful feasibility and scale-up studies, we offers the following services:

    • Scalable Modular Unit Design: we assist in dimensioning scalable modular units tailored to your specific needs
    • Implementation of  Units: We support the implementation of units based on the outcomes of our studies.
    • Financial Intervention and Co-Financing: we can provide financial support or co-finance projects, offering different legal structures such as dedicated subsidiaries.
    • Pilot Testing and Production: Leveraging ScCO2 technology, we specialize in extraction, particle generation, encapsulation of compounds and sterilization processes.

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    Competitive advantages

    CO2 above a certain temperature and pressure (*)

    offers the advantages of both a gas and a liquid:


    • Zero waste, no residue, no solvent. Nontoxic


    • Low T° (32°C): heat-sensitive products
    • (currently solvent often T° > 60°C)
    • Minimizes risk of thermal/chemical degradation
    • Penetrating power (density of a liquid, diffusivity of a gas)
    • Better unimodal size/population distribution
    • Obtain precise control over encapsulation
    • Avoids formation of unwanted by-products
    • Better control of product properties (encapsulation)
    • Biocidal properties of CO2 (sterilization)
    • More homogeneous and optimal properties (APIs) 
    • Enhancing product stability and bioavailability
    • Particle size >60 nm (vs microfluidique > 5000 nm)


    • Faster and compact process (no need separation steps)
    • Reduced process time (5 to 10 times)
    • Reduced operation cost (from to 2 to 4 times)
    • Compact, modular and integrated process

    (*) Tc=31°C, PC=73,8 bar

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